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Aveda Pure Privilege…What’s it all about?

If you’ve ever purchased products at Aveda, you’ve probably heard about Pure Privilege. If not, or if you’re still not sure what it’s all about, here’s a quick rundown:

Pure Privilege is a point-based rewards program through Aveda. There is a one-time $10 fee to join, at which time you automatically receive double points on that fee as well as on all first-time purchases. Moving forward, you’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on Aveda products. Aveda offers special promotions monthly, and twice a year you can earn double points on purchases. You’ll also receive a birthday gift from Aveda each year, valued at $20. Rack up your points and save them for as long as you like—they never expire—and redeem them online for free gifts or discounts on services!

Aveda currently offers seven tiers of free gifts:
Tier 1: 1,500 points
Tier 2: 2,500 points
Tier 3: 4,000 points
Tier 4: 7,000 points
Tier 5: 10,000 points
Tier 6: 20,000 points
Tier 7: 50,000 points

At Tier 1, you can redeem 1,500 points for a small makeup item such as a lip glaze. Tier 7’s 50,000 points can get you a 3-night exotic vacation for two! And there are many other great gifts in between.

Go to and click on the United States flag to learn more.

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