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Fashion Hair Color – Is it right for You?

We are really loving the trendy and fun hair colors we are seeing all over the place these days. bns gold Have you been considering taking the plunge and coloring your tresses with a funky and fun color like pink, grey, purple, blue, orange or green? How do you know which of the fun colors and which intensity of the colors work best with you? How do you know which look is most achievable for you? Although we feel that all of our stylists are magicians there are a few things we want to educate you on before you take the plunge. cheap bns gold

  1. For any fashion color transformation a consultation is a must-have. bns gold Please bring lots of pictures of your desired shade. bns gold Please keep in mind that Instagram and Pinterest are great sources for inspiration however sometimes it is not realistic due to filters or perhaps just maybe not on your first visit.
  2. Please be vocal on your wishes and your desires but we also need to you allow our stylist to educate you on all your options.
  3. Blue hair is HOT right now, however in order to achieve the perfect hue, there is a commitment of time, and an investment of money as that color is not achieved in one step.
  4. Please know that trendy colors do fade. Your stylist will align you with the best retail product to maintain your look longer in between salon visits.
  5. Sometimes it will take more than one step to achieve your ideal hue. buy bns gold During your complimentary consultation your stylist will discuss the entire process with you to assure enough time has been allotted.

We look forward to serving you.

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