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Six Time Salon Today 200 Salon

In our industry, there are many inspirational competitions that showcase the creative talent and artistry of professional beauty. When they celebrate their elite, they often do so from large stages, filled with rows of coiffed models, vibrant music, and pulsing lights. fjallraven kanken sale uk By comparison, the Salon Today 200 is a very different breed. Nike Air Max Flyknit Dames For more than 20 years, it has recognized and celebrated salons and spas—and the people behind them—who shine in business success. Nike Air Max Dames Goedkoop Our applicants study and report their numbers, back them up with tax returns, and write passionate essays that prove they are sampling new business ideas and measuring their success. Our data researcher and our judges spend weeks analyzing performance numbers and studying, scoring and ranking thousands of business essays. Avec Asics When they celebrate their elite, they do so through the pages of their January issue, on their website and social platforms, and, more recently, with salon owner panels at industry shows. They foster a thought forum that encourages salons across the country to share their best ideas, measure their own performance by studying the ST200 benchmarks, and celebrate and encourage one another. Although the efforts of our honorees might be quieter than an avant-garde hairstyle or complex color application, we’d argue that what they do—day in and day out—is just as important. nike air max 2017 pas cher homme They create opportunities for thousands of stylists, colorists, estheticians, nail technicians and massage therapists to support themselves and their families by practicing their craft. nike air max 1 pas cher In turn, these service providers are changing the world (4 million times a year in fact) by creating memorable experiences and delivering impeccable service—one client at a time.

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